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Method is a web services studio based in Mount Hawthorn, Perth. Our focus is to bring pixel perfect productions to every project we undertake. Method aims to provide web services of all varieties to customers both locally and globally. Get in touch to see how we can help with your next project — let’s catch up and grab a coffee.

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What Method has to offer

More than just Websites

Website Design

There's no such thing as any job too big or too small. Method aims to bring beautiful designs for websites of all sizes. Have something in mind that you're looking for? We can do that. No idea where to start? Not a problem. Drop us a line below.

Website Development

Method use the latest and greatest tools to develop WordPress websites. We incorporate the coolest new technologies where applicable and can even customise websites functionality to a degree. Find out more by getting in touch.

Managed Hosting

Let us do the grunt work for you with our managed hosting services. Take the hassle out of trying to understand technical jargon and leave it to the professionals. On-demand backups, fast speed & all the space you could ever need.


Your domain is one of the most integral parts of your website. Let's make sure we get the best domain available for you and your project. Already have a domain? Talk to us about managing it for you.


In this day and age, exposure matters more than ever. To be seen on the Internet you need to be heard. We can help with setting up Search Engine Optimisation for you to increase your chances.


Whether you're moving towards Method hosting or elsewhere, we can help get you there. Talk to Method about migrating your website from its existing location to its new home, hassle free.

Support & Upkeep

A website is like a car, in order to keep it running smoothly you need constant maintenance and upkeep. Let us do the boring stuff for you. First-class support is available for every project too.

Designed with love

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Ittrium Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is commonly referred to as digital gold. In a similar way, we consider Ittrium to be the digital equivalent to the rare-earth metal Yttrium. Yttrium is synonymous with modern technology; it’s used in the production of computers, smart phones, lasers and superconductors. The demand for Yttrium has significantly increased in recent years and its relevance and value will continue to increase in the future. In many ways, Yttrium is the perfect metaphor for the Ittrium Cryptocurrency.

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Corporate Business Direct

Corporate Business Direct (CBD) has been a Telstra Business & Enterprise Specialist Partner since 2010. CBD is proud to have been recognised as the WA Telstra Business Dealer of 2012/13 being for excellence in sales and service. CBD is a three tick Telstra Accredited partner which means we are highly specialised in the areas of mobiles, voice and data.

The man behind the Method

Meet Jordan Lovelle

Jordan Lovelle | Perth Web Serivces - Method

Welcome to Method

G’day! My name is Jordan Lovelle. I’m an avid web professional who has worked in the industry for over 10 years. I’ve had numerous technology based roles throughout my life time, ranging from an Apple Specialised through to a Managed Service Provider in the Perth CBD. One constant during this time has been my passion for all things pretty and web-related. 

I’m a big believer of working with what you know best, and following what you love. For this reason I moved in to the web design & development game full time as of the start of January, 2019. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people and worked on some awesome projects.

Method is a new concept for me in terms of branding myself with something other than my own name. I one day hope to grow Method in to a fully functioning, mid-size studio. In the present day I work solely on all projects that come Method’s way. I have a thorough understanding of all things technology and specifically web related. 

Outside of my professional life I’m an easy going guy who doesn’t have a problem with talking face to face. Interested in working on a project with me? Drop me a message below – I’m happy to catch up and grab a coffee to discuss your idea. Just want to converse over email? Not a problem.

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